Red And Green Apples

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Red & Green Apples Production Co. is intriguing media production company. Founded in 2007 but truly started when they were kids by The Bryer Brothers, Ryan, Billy it was an ambition of theirs to create a company that pours its heart and soul into EVERY project they work on, no matter how big or small. When RGAP Co. started, they only had a run of the mill digital camera, a few flood lights and the drive needed to go out there The one thing that sets RGAP Co. apart is the creative minds of The Bryer Brothers, Matthew Joyner and Jason Ramirez.Their abilities to see how projects should be done from the production side and the acting side, since they are great actors as well. Now after a few years in the industry they now have ALL HD Filming and editing equipment alongside an excellent crew assisting them to make sure everything runs smoothly.

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